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My name is Jan, and I am the creator and writer here on The Big and the Small Things.


What is this all about?

This is my way of sharing my stories, from The Big and the Small Things in life, the things that i love, the books, the travels, the food, the passion, the adventures, the simple and the advanced things, i hope that this part of my journey through this life, can inspire you, no matter where you live.

Most of the content on this site will be content that i find useful myself, and that i think maybe can be useful for other.  It can be recipes i love, review on books that i find interesting, things and food for living a healthier life, articles about travelling and from time to time i will be using it as a diary for my travels out in the big world.

I am also passionate about photography, and might share some of my pictures from time to time. If you like to see some of those you can take a look here: Photo's

I am working as a logistic assistent in a hardware company in Denmark. It is an interesting job, which i like very much, and best of all, it gives me economical freedom to travel the world. I am a runner, and some of my travels are going to other countries to attend races that i find interesting. Besides running some half and full marathons, i did also attend some ultra races. Some of my greatest experiences took place in Malaysia, where i have been running in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highland and on Borneo. 

From Kota Belud, Sabah, Malaysia during The Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon

 You might find a few ads on the site, but i try to keep it to a minimum. The ads are only here to help me to pay keep the site running. 

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You found your way here, maybe because you know me, and don't know what else to do in your spare time, or maybe because some one did link to an article, and you wouldn't miss to read it all, what ever the reason, I hope that you will find at least a little of the content interesting enough to stay for a little.

And remember, - Life is beautiful, go out there and make the best of it...

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Subscribe To My Newsletter

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Subscribe To My Newsletter

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