Beneficial use of Coconut Oil

Glass of Cocnut Oil
Coconut Oil

10 ways you can use Coconut Oil in your daily life, and benefit from the health impact it has on your body, and improve your energy level to the better. 

  1. Use a spoonful in your tea
    Try to melt some Coconut Oil in your next cup of tea, and enjoy the mildly flavour

  2. Pan frying
    Next time you are up for frying a batch of sweet potatofries, or maybe a piece of chicken, try using Coconut Oil. The taste are great, and the health beneits from the Coconut Oil are even better.

  3. On toast instead of butter
    Easy one, - try using Coconut Oil on your toast instead of butter

  4. Energizer
    1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil can give a burst of energy, and it is a lot healthier than turning towards caffeinated energy drinks.

  5. Smoothies
    Simply add one tablespoon of Coconut Oil into your favorite smoothie recipe and increase your energy.

  6. Dry feet treatment
    Put some Coconut Oil in the water when taking a foot bath.

  7. Elbow rub
    Helps managing the dry skin on your elbows

  8. Homemade toothpaste
    Combine equal parts of Coconut Oil and baking soda.
    Sweeten with stevia, and add your favorite essential oil to give it the favour you like.

  9. Body moisturizer
    Add directly after the shower

  10. Shaving lotion
    Close shave and moisturize at the same time


Or you can try my favorite: Matcha Green Tea Frappé with Coconut Whip


How do you use Coconut Oil in your daily life? Please comment below

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